We are a husband and wife team practicing gratitude in the mountains of Asheville, NC. Together, we juggle the beauty of parenthood, capturing weddings around the globe, and equipping entrepreneurs to build wildly successful, profitable brands doing what they love. 


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So, I’m a dad. I’ve been a dad for almost three years now … not a crazy amount of time, but definitely enough time to find myself tearing up during the dance between the father of the bride and his daughter. During Kathleen’s wedding I kept catching her dad stepping back. He’d step back to […]

With the natural beauty that surrounds us, it’s no wonder Asheville NC is one of the top destinations for mountain top elopements. We see a lot of beautiful elopements with couples standing before an epic view, but when Emily Claire Events, Kelly Perry of Philosophy Flowers and I put our heads together, we started to […]

Ramey’s family had been making the trek down to the High Hampton Inn for as long as she could remember. They spent rainy afternoons on 10 mile hikes through the mountains. Swam in the lake nestled between the mountains and spent their evenings with board games and books in the lodge. If you’ve never been […]

Why do you do what you do? What keeps you motivated when times get tough in your business and things aren’t going the way you planned? What’s the reason you find that strength and courage deep down within to keep going, even when you realize that this magical dream of entrepreneurship and the fantasy you […]

We’ve had the privilege of creating quite a few heirloom albums recently for our wedding couples, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the end result! Within the last year we made a big decision to switch to a new album company and every time an album arrives at our door, we are blown away. […]

I do… I will… Writing personal vows are not everyone’s favorite idea. It’s intimidating. There’s a lot you want to say but it’s hard to find the words. You’re also reading these things in front of everyone you know and love and that can feel like a lot of pressure. I get it. But can […]

My dad died 5 years ago. It was right before our wedding. We were lucky enough to have a small elopement where all our families came and we could share our vows in an intimate space with just them.  It was thrown together and a bit utilitarian honestly. My dad carved rings out of wine […]

If you are a business owner, an entrepreneur, a creative … this is for you. Wether you’re a wedding professional, a life coach, or you run an ecommerce business, this is for you. We’ve been in business for over 10 years now, and there’s a ocean full of things we’ve learned along the way … […]

Rain couldn’t stop these two … The weather took a turn for the worst and Kendall and Jon found themselves living out “island life” and it’s unexpected storms even on their wedding day. It’s part of the charm of the island that Kendall grew up spending so much time on, in their family’s beach house. […]

With a good friend getting married in just a few short weeks (that we can’t wait to capture photo and video for!), we were asked recently to come up with a list of our top 20 songs for wedding receptions. Nothing will kill the vibe of your wedding faster than a bad song selection, wether […]