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We are a husband and wife team practicing gratitude in the mountains of Asheville, NC. Together, we juggle the beauty of parenthood, capturing weddings around the globe, and equipping entrepreneurs to build wildly successful, profitable brands doing what they love. 


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TUNE IN TO THIS EPISODE   ITUNES  |  SPOTIFY   “I forgive myself for ever questioning my worthiness.” In this week’s episode of I Might Cry, I’m taking you behind the scenes of a coaching call with one of my clients where we dig deep into the limiting beliefs that tend to get in the way of everything […]

I’ve been having lots of conversations lately — with friends, peers, and my students — around the idea of outsourcing as a creative. From when to do it to why to do it to everything in between, it’s a conversation that I’ve been having so much because it’s remarkably important… and it’s how you start […]

Heather & Landon are tying the knot later this fall, but first we got to know each other during a magical engagement photo shoot at The Biltmore Estate. Scroll through a few of my favorites below!

When it comes to integrating mindfulness into my daily life, there have been several techniques that I’ve fallen in love with (and crave each day). From tapping to meditation to mindfulness walks, taking deep care of my brain and my soul has become an integral part of my life… and I want so badly for […]

TUNE IN TO THIS EPISODE   ITUNES  |  SPOTIFY   “We all need permission to feel all the feelings and navigate the best way to respond to those feelings.” In this week’s episode of I Might Cry I’m sitting down with my husband, David, to talk about something hugely important that’s been defining in our lives lately: the […]

See the full vendor list of this stunning Asheville wedding below the images. Venue: Diana at the Biltmore | Coordinator: Kelly at Verge Events | Photo & Video: Almond Leaf Studios | Florist: The Bloom Room | Ceremony Music: Carolina Music Planner | Reception Band: Split Second Sound | Wedding Hair: Asheville Hair Design | […]

TUNE IN TO THIS EPISODE   ITUNES  |  SPOTIFY   We’re diving deep into all things entrepreneurship, value, and creativity as we go behind-the-scenes of one of my coaching calls. In this episode, we’re taking it behind the scenes! Inside my course, Art of Booking, we dig deep into business strategy and mindset work in our weekly coaching […]

When I first started out as an entrepreneur, I thought everything depended on the typical small business vocab: accounting, working, taxes, hustle… anything that made entrepreneurship seem harder than it needed to be. A lot of us think that way, too — that, if it doesn’t seem hard, or it doesn’t take hours and hours […]

See the full vendor list of their Biltmore wedding below the images. Venue: The Biltmore | Planner: Honey Darling Events | Photo & Video: Almond Leaf Studios | Florist: Bloom Room | Ceremony Music: Dean’s Duets | Reception Music: Color The Night Band | Wedding Makeup: Wink Asheville | Wedding Hair: Lola Salon |

I sometimes wish that the me that became an entrepreneur in the first place — the Elizabeth of 2008 — could see how much more multifaceted her entrepreneurial journey was going to be.  Because, honestly, when I first started Almond Leaf Studios, I thought entrepreneurship was this exhausting medley of hustle culture and profit margins and […]