Top 5 Southeast Wedding Venues

With well over a decade of experience capturing weddings worldwide, we often get asked what some of our favorites are.

When it comes to choosing a venue, there are a few things you should know.
First, you get what you pay for. Just like with any other vendor, the more experience, professional, 5-star experience is going to cost you the 5 star experience. You wouldn’t expect the service or expertise of a luxury spa vacation at a Red Roof Inn, would you? … Well, the same is true with wedding venues (and all wedding vendors, for that matter!)
Second, the available lighting, backdrops, and wall colors matter a lot. Think about it as if you were painting a canvas … if you had to start with a canvas that was already painted a deep dark forest green and had tons of texture plastered all over it, it would be a very different experience than starting with a blank, white canvas. Plus, since the venue likely isn’t going to change their wall color, your color palette WILL be affected by the wall color because those colors will be in all your photos/vide. Just something to consider. In our minds, the more neutral the tones and the more natural light is available the better.
Here are our top 5 regional (Southeast) Wedding Venues we love and adore!
1. The Biltmore Estate – this is probably a given since it’s practically in our backyard, but we love the Biltmore and always enjoy capturing weddings there. We’ve been honored to capture more weddings there than we can count over the years, and we love that there are a million different ways you can plan a wedding on their property.
2. The Duke Mansion – This venue is an intimate venue in Charlotte, NC and it never disappoints. Their staff and service are always excellent and the historic charm and beauty of the white building always leaves us excited with what we were able to capture. The brides and grooms we have photographed there over the years are always delighted with their experience and that goes a long way in our book.
3. Old Edwards Inn – If you’ve ever visited Highlands, NC you have undoubtedly heard of the Old Edwards Inn. They have thought of everything and their attention to detail is unmatched. Their staff is always so kind and their grounds offer the perfect convenient experience for your guest with everything in walkable distance (and cocktails awaiting your guests as they make the journey down the path to the reception!) We never mind a reason to visit, especially when we get to capture a beautiful wedding there.
4. The Swan House – Found in the heart of Buckhead in Atlanta, this one makes our list for it’s exquisite outdoor charm and the manicured lawn. The staircase alone will make you and your guests never want to leave as the vines so gracefully cascade down the handrails making you feel like you’re in a movie scene. The architecture alone is worth a visit to see, and you’ll have plenty of variety for portraits with woods, a formal garden, and the architecture provided as a backdrop for your day.
5. The Cloister – This one is a stretch since it’s not crazy close to us but we couldn’t resist because we are thoroughly obsessed. It has that old historic charm of ancient trees so perfectly manicured in an organic manner combined with a 5 star luxury experience. Wether you plan to sit poolside with a cocktail after a spa day or want to plan your wedding there, we promise you will not be disappointed with this place!
Bonus: Wormsloe – we still have yet to visit in all these years but everything we see and hear about this venue is magic! Oh, and a close runner up is Canyon Kitchen in Lonesome Valley. We love and adore that venue, too!
If you’re getting married at one of these venues, or still on the hunt for the perfect wedding venue, contact us and we’d be glad to tell you more about any of the above!
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