It’s an acquired taste!

Ramey’s family had been making the trek down to the High Hampton Inn for as long as she could remember. They spent rainy afternoons on 10 mile hikes through the mountains. Swam in the lake nestled between the mountains and spent their evenings with board games and books in the lodge. If you’ve never been or heard of the High Hampton Inn in Cashiers you’re not alone. It’s not exactly the most well known resort.  But it feels like you’ve stepped back in time. Elizabeth and I instantly fell in love with it’s charm. No TV, no internet in the cabins, the walls lined with books and board games. In fact they don’t even have AC… but the elevation typically keeps the area at a pretty comfortable 78 or less most of the time. They have family meals and jackets are required at dinner. It feels like you’re in the movie “Dirty Dancing”.  It requires one to disconnect and remember the simple beauty of togetherness and the outdoors.
Ok… I set the scene!
Ramey’s dad began his toast talking about their families love for High Hampton and how it was an “acquired taste” and when Ramey asked to bring Chris on their family vacation they knew he would have to pass what he affectionately referred to as the High Hampton test.  He would have to “get it”.  Needless to say they got married. He passed the test. He saw the charm, the beauty, the perfect simplicity of it all.
As our world gets more and more connected. As we find ourselves reaching into our pockets for our cell phones more and more and checking emails, facebook, instagram, and the list goes on and on… Let’s find time to pass the High Hampton test in our own back yards, front porch, and neighborhood. May we disconnect and remember the perfect simplicity of a family dinner, a walk, a paper filled book, a handwritten letter, a smile at the mail lady, a …

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