Heirloom Wedding Albums

We’ve had the privilege of creating quite a few heirloom albums recently for our wedding couples, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the end result! Within the last year we made a big decision to switch to a new album company and every time an album arrives at our door, we are blown away.

How is it that a day with months/years of planning can go by so quickly?! If you’ve ever planned or been a close part of a wedding, you know. Months and months of strategic planning and before you know it, the band is playing the last song and announcing the sparkler exit. It happens to every one of our brides and grooms, and it happened to us when we got married too. The day is so full of so many things, and before you know it, you’re saying your goodbyes to the people you love the most. Your hearts are full, your feet are tired, and you fall asleep smiling with contentment.

I don’t know about you, but I never want to forget those blissful moments in life. In fact, I would go out of my way to have little reminders of them, to reminisce, but also to grab ahold of that blissful feeling once again, even if only for a moment.

… And that is why it is such a joy to ship off these beauties.

Sending off an heirloom wedding album is a little like packaging up a giant box of individually wrapped presents filled with candy, headed to an unsuspecting kid. It gives us so much joy to know this beautiful album will rest in the hands of the ones whose images are printed between the pages. We grin and hope for them to be reminded of how much love, joy, and beauty surrounded them on their wedding day.



Want to see more? Head on over to my instagram account and check out the featured stories! There’s a variety of examples you can see, as well as a peek inside at the design!

No matter how long ago your wedding was, we could wish nothing more than for you to find a way to print the images in some form to be reminded of that blissful day, the love you share, and the community that surrounded you. Wether it’s an heirloom album or a handful of prints on your wall, get it ordered today!