Wondering if You Need a Wedding Album?

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If you’re reading this, I’m going to bet that you’re about to (or just got) married — so, congratulations! Ah, marriage is one of the most incredible journeys you’ll ever, ever experience.

As a wedding photographer, I’m lucky to have worked with brides and grooms across the globe, helping them by capturing the most magical days and memories of their lives to keep forever.

And, a big part of my job comes down to those memories themselves.

See, there comes a moment, months after the wedding, when all of the final images have been delivered, each wedding present has been unpacked, and life seems to fade back into the everyday. You have someone to share life with for the long haul, but the first dance song and the bustle of your dress and the petals thrown by the flower girl seem far away.

That’s when you pick up your wedding album, thumb through the joy and the tears, and remember how special it all was — far away from a computer screen or the palm of your hand.

I get asked often whether or not I recommend wedding albums to my clients  — and I’ve lost track of how many times someone has asked:

“Do I really need a wedding album?”

Short answer? Absolutely.

Here’s why I always recommend wedding albums to my brides, and will always keep them as an important part of our services over here at Almond Leaf Studios.

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1. Wedding albums are your memories… brought to life.

Scrolling through your final images on the computer and then uploading them to Facebook and Instagram is such an exciting moment post-wedding. It’s so fun to relive your special day, and it’s always exciting to share it with people who couldn’t be there.

But, man, is there something even more special about seeing your wedding photos in tangible, hard-cover form — where you can ACTUALLY put your hands on them and let the memories flow in. While you may have uploaded hundreds to Facebook or saved tons of them to a folder on your computer, a wedding album takes the best of the best — the sweetest, most tender moments of your wedding day — and preserves them in a way that brings you back each and every time you open the cover.

Here’s the thing: you simply will not remember every detail of your wedding. Years from now, you may find it hard to remember exactly the flower arrangement that sat at every table. It may take you a minute to take yourself back to the 11 PM dance party. But the moments that matter — like the look of your spouse’s face, the joy as the flower girl decorated the aisle, the intimacy of your first dance — need to be cherished and remembered. That’s where a wedding album always comes into play to remind you.

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2. Wedding albums make stunning keepsakes.

One of the things I always think about when it comes to weddings is how much of it tends to go away or be lost to time as the years go by. While a lot of brides keep their dresses and their bouquets, so many details go on to be recycled or thrown away — and that’s okay! In fact, that’s just part of it.

However, wedding albums create a touchpoint that you (and your children, and their children) can come back to year after year. A hardcover wedding album isn’t susceptible to file corruption or technology errors, and is the most fantastic way to hold your memories close.

Whether you choose to keep your wedding album in a prominent place in your home or you tuck it away and come back to it each anniversary, the simple act of even having a wedding album gives you sweet memories housed in beauty — and that is so special.

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3. Wedding albums can be designed for you + your style.

One of the best things about investing in a wedding album is being able to invest in a wedding album that mirrors what you love — from the material of the binding all the way to the design of the pages themselves. At Almond Leaf Studios we know the power of a stunningly designed wedding album, and our albums are always designed with our clients (you!) in mind. In fact, it’s why our team custom designs every album before we hand it over to our production team. outsource our album design to the team at Align Album Design

After all, your wedding album is your wedding album — and we’ll always work hand in hand with you to make sure that you’re receiving a keepsake that speaks to you, your memories, and your style. When you choose to invest in a wedding album, you’re investing in an heirloom that showcases the very best day… and it’s always worth it.

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My love for wedding albums always carries onto my clients, too — and there’s few things more special than getting to help my brides relive some of their wedding magic through a a stunning keepsake. If you mention this blog post when booking with me, we’ll gift you a free parent album with the purchase of a regular album — because there’s nothing like sharing the magic with those you love.