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We are a husband and wife team practicing gratitude in the mountains of Asheville, NC. Together, we juggle the beauty of parenthood, capturing weddings around the globe, and equipping entrepreneurs to build wildly successful, profitable brands doing what they love. 


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Are you stuck in the cycle of scrambling for clients and then struggling to find the time to serve them? STEP ONE: ATTRACT First, you post a whole bunch on social media. You get super energetic about Instagram and start posting every day. You are ON. IT. … and you start to see results. You […]

Most wedding professionals don’t decide to start a business for the love of business. They do it for the love of the service they can provide. For the love of bringing joy, beauty, and celebration to couples in love. To being a part of an industry that cares for people on some of the most […]

It’s so easy to get caught up in the serving side of your business that you forget you also need to sell. Without clients, there’s no one to serve!  If you’re anything like me, you got into this business because of a passion for the service you provide (photography, for me.) The whole running a […]

Have you ever felt that connection with a potential client where you knew you guys would be a great fit and working with them would be an ideal situation? You have some initial contact, send them some pricing info, and then … crickets. Trust me. We’ve been there too. It’s left us wondering who else […]

You just have to consistently show up.  Photo credit: Heather Payne It’s not about the “hustle” or the “daily grind” … in fact, I believe in rest and relaxation to rejuvenate the soul (ESPECIALLY the creative soul.) It’s about having a plan laid out before you and just consistently showing up. David and I have […]

A few weeks ago we hosted a free live webinar with Nancy Ray. She’s an educator, photographer, podcaster, and a sweet soul that somehow juggles running a successful business and caring for her family with three little ones! If you haven’t heard of her, or checked out her newest site, do yourself a favor and […]

Are you a wedding photographer? If so, this is for you! I had the chance to partner with the infamous, super talented photographer Jonathan Canlas recently to host a webinar with him. If you’re not familiar with his work, you need to do yourself a favor and go check it out. He’s a film photographer, […]

If you’ve been on our email newsletter, you know we’ve been talking this month about passive income. I admitted that since learning about passive income a few years back, it’s become a focus, goal, and something we’re serious about building in our business. Especially in an industry where, for well over a decade now, we’ve […]

Image of us taken by our talented friend Heather Payne   Growing up with no money, I think there’s been this deep seeded belief that somehow MY time wasn’t worth THAT kind of money. Does that resonate with you? I always felt like, sure, THEY could make that kind of money … after all, they […]

Why do you do what you do? What keeps you motivated when times get tough in your business and things aren’t going the way you planned? What’s the reason you find that strength and courage deep down within to keep going, even when you realize that this magical dream of entrepreneurship and the fantasy you […]