What questions should you even be asking your photographer? How are you supposed to know if you even want a videographer? What if you can’t afford to hire both?

We want to tell you a little more about what we have learned over the years and how it can help you plan your wedding day. Click below to learn more about what we recommend and why we love when we get to work together!


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Elizabeth’s photos will change the way you relive your wedding day. Ten years from now, you won’t be looking back at your wedding pictures thinking about all the trends that came and went with wedding photography that year. You will look back and be able to relive the pure, raw beauty of the day through the timeless heirlooms you hold in your hands (or online.) She wants to tell you more about how that’s possible and why she shoots the way she does!



The most intimate wedding videos around, David has a unique way of capturing the pure, raw emotion of your day. The art of taking 8+ hours of events and crafting them into a 3-5 min feature film that tells the story of your day is no small feat! He is skilled in the art of being unobtrusive, while allowing you to relive your day over and over again through your finished film. He wants to share more about his process, what the most popular video options are, and why he loves to tell the story of a wedding day.


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