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Location: The Venue | Styling: Almond Leaf Studios | Florals: Flora Events | Model: Megan Rose Phillips | Dress: Jacinda by Watters from Wildflower Bridal | Hair: Guadalupe Chavarria | Makeup: Amanda Anderson | Shoes: Emmy London | Hair piece: Emmy London | Earrings: Wildflower Bridal | Invitations: Bohemian Ink | Velvet Ring Box: The Mrs Box | Rings: Wick and Greene | Antique Silver Cake Stand: Perry’s Jewelry via Bliss | Cake: Artista Cakes


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Design: Almond Leaf Studios | Styling: Honey Darling Events and Philosophy Flowers | Location: Wildflower Bridal | Florals: Philosophy Flowers | Makeup: Wendy Ballance, Blush | Hair: Hair and Makeup by Heather | Dresses: Love Marley, Catherine Deane, and Sarah Seven all available at Wildflower Bridal | Models: Rebecca Johnson and Caroline Alyssa | Jewelry: Marthaler  | Custom backdrop: David Hasenmyer | Flower Hair Piece: Abigail Grace Bridal | Film Scans: Richard Photo Lab