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Wondering How to Get More Leads? Track Them.


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When you’re a creative entrepreneur, getting leads is one of the most essential pieces of the puzzle. After all, clients and customers are pretty key in helping you to make money and meet your goals… and leads are exactly what you need to create clients and customers. Want to get more leads? You can do it — you just have to know where, exactly, your leads are coming from in the first place.

Over here at Almond Leaf Studios, we pay big attention to where our leads come from, and I consider that lead tracking a big reason why we’ve been able to grow and scale our business. I also teach all of our students in The Art of Booking about this, too — and I’m letting you in on the secret.

First up… here’s why tracking leads is important

So, you may be wondering why, exactly, tracking leads is as important as it is, right? After all, if you’re getting leads, isn’t that all you need to worry about?! 


See, tracking your leads and understanding where your leads are coming from is how you can get strategic about getting more of them. Without paying attention and tracking your leads, it’s really easy to pour a lot of time and energy into the wrong thing — which is the exact opposite of what you want to do in your business.

For instance, I’ve seen a lot of my students realize after lead tracking that they’re spending way too much time (and too many resources) in the wrong spot. A lot of the time, I’ll see people spending a lot of energy on things like Instagram or Pinterest only to realize that the energy they’re using on those platforms isn’t really paying off. Why? Because their leads are really coming from somewhere else entirely. And, just think… what’s more frustrating than realizing you’ve been focusing on the wrong thing?

So… how do I track my lead flow?

There are a ton of ways you can track your leads, and I genuinely wouldn’t say that any of those ways are necessarily better than the other. Really, it’s all about finding what works for you and your business. Need some ideas? Try any of these:

  • ShootQ: ShootQ is a studio management software, and it’s one of the things we use over here at Almond Leaf. It’s great if you’re a photographer.
  • Honeybook: Honeybook is an excellent lead tracker for creatives, and also has a built-in CRM, too.
  • Dubsado: I have lots of students who swear by Dubsado, which is a robust CRM that helps you track your leads.
  • A spreadsheet: If you’re not ready to invest in software yet, that’s ok! There’s nothing wrong with keeping track via an Excel spreadsheet or Google Doc — the key is just to actually do it.
  • Your website: Depending on the website platform you use (we use and love ShowIt), you may be able to track your leads directly from inside of it via your contact form. Super easy, and super effective.
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Next steps

Once you’ve figured out how you want to try tracking your leads (and why it’s so important), I have a job for you! I want you to figure out where, exactly, the bulk of your leads are coming from. Are they from where you thought? Are they coming from an area in which you’ve actively been pouring into? Now, start re-strategizing if you need to. 

When we really started focusing on lead tracking at Almond Leaf Studios, we realized that the bulk of our leads weren’t coming from social media or our site… they were coming from venues, wedding planners, and former clients. This really gave me permission to stop being so hard on myself when it came to other marketing platforms — and was also a really good reminder to trust my intuition (which had told me this in the first place). 

See, when you can understand your lead origination, you can really focus on the *genuinely impactful* things… and that helps you grow your business in a really valuable way.

To put it lightly, there’s a lot that goes into growing a sustainable business (and lead tracking is just one small part of it). And, when you get overwhelmed by all of the “a lot” — like so many of us have — it gets even harder to focus on the right things. It’s that simple. By putting strategic systems and rock-solid foundations into place, you can really focus on growing your business in a sustainable way… and I’ve got you covered with all of the advice and action steps over here.

Now, if you’re a photographer who’s really ready to hone in on the details behind your business to push your business forward, The Art of Booking is, quite literally, made for you. You can learn more and hop on the waitlist right here.