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The Attract, Serve, Scramble Cycle and Why You Need to Break It


Are you stuck in the cycle of scrambling for clients and then struggling to find the time to serve them?


First, you post a whole bunch on social media. You get super energetic about Instagram and start posting every day. You are ON. IT.

… and you start to see results.

You get some great new leads, and then you even book a few new clients.

You’re feeling great. On top of the world.


Then, you work really hard to serve them.

You’re great at your job, and you serve them well. In fact, so well that once you’re done, you realize that you’ve spent all your energy serving them and haven’t posted on instagram or blogged in quite a while.


All of the sudden you realize that you don’t have enough clients. No new leads. No new bookings.

You’ve been so busy serving your current clients that you completely forgot to be pursuing new ones!

So, all of the sudden you find yourself scrambling for enough clients, so you end up back in the first step: posting a bunch and vigorously trying to find new clients.

It’s a cycle, and one that’s not easy to break unless you can step back and create a SYSTEM that will work for you.

A system that will attract new ideal clients for you even when you’re busy serving the ones you already have.

I’m sharing all about the system that I teach in my paid programs in this FREE WORKSHOP for wedding professionals.

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Let’s break the cycle!

The only way to break that cycle and see your business start to experience consistent growth is to implement a system that is repeatable. That consistently gets your beautiful work in front of your ideal couples that are looking for someone just like you.

You’ve probably heard, “consistency is key” and it is. Being top of mind is one of the most effective strategies you can use … but there’s only one problem with that. You’re only human and there are so many hours in the day. Right?

You simply can’t do it all.

… but having the right tools (like batch working, a calendar of what to post and when, and some of my favorite automation tools) will make all the difference!

Join me on the next free workshop for wedding professionals to learn all about the system that I teach so you can break the cycle and get back to doing what you love!

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