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Outsourcing as a Creative: Time Freedom


I’ve been having lots of conversations lately — with friends, peers, and my students — around the idea of outsourcing as a creative. From when to do it to why to do it to everything in between, it’s a conversation that I’ve been having so much because it’s remarkably important… and it’s how you start to truly achieve real balance and peace in your business.

And, the conversations I’ve been having around outsourcing all tend to come back to one common thread: waiting to hire support. 

Wondering what I mean? Here’s a peek into different conversations I’ve had with different people over the last few months:

  • “I want to outsource, but I think I’m going to wait until I’m really busy and can’t put it off anymore.”
  • “I’m terrified of hiring support and being responsible for someone else’s livelihood.”
  • “I wish I had outsourced as a creative way, way sooner than I really did.”
  • “Hiring support changed everything for me.”
  • “I didn’t bring on the right person/team, and now I’m unsure whether or not to try again.”
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Plus, here’s the kicker — I’ve also had every single one of these conversations and thoughts with myself over the years. But now, I can distill all of my thoughts about outsourcing as a creative down to one common thread — life is too short, and you were meant to find time and financial freedom. The sooner you commit to this, the sooner you can begin to experience growth!

Here’s what happened when I started to hire support

It took me a while to start outsourcing and bringing on support at Almond Leaf Studios, and for a lot of reasons (reasons that I think a lot of other people have, too). There’s a lot of fear and anxiety around hiring support — financially and emotionally — and it can also seem like one more thing to add to an already filled plate.

But, when I started to bring on support, the amount of space that was opened up for me, for my biggest dreams, and for my biggest form of impact was huge. I actually realized this earlier this year, when I was running our PNL sheets and trying to get a handle on what our numbers looked like for 2021.

See, 2021 was the year that we brought on a ton of support — a studio manager, a copywriter, a podcast editor — in addition to the integrator who had already been a huge part of my team. And, I’ll be honest… I was so excited to bring each of these team members on, but I was also pretty overwhelmed by the numbers and the idea of paying out for so much support.

However, I’d gotten hooked. I’d seen a taste of the space that opened up in my business when I first hired my integrator Alyse, and I had a feeling — deep in my chest — that more space was going to open up for me.

I was right. When I looked at our PNL sheets, I found out that we had more than doubled our income at Almond Leaf Studios in 2021 (!), regardless of the expenses that we were paying out. I had taken the jump and trusted myself with the hires I was making, and it paid off.

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I can almost promise you that this will happen to you, too.

See, in all of my years of connecting with my fellow creatives, networking with my peers, building my business, and coaching, I have never, ever talked to someone who made the right hire and regretted it.


Now, don’t get me wrong — not every hire will be perfect, and outsourcing the right way really does take some time. Just like with anything else, creating the perfect hiring relationship isn’t instantaneous. But, here’s a question I’d love to ask you:

If you have a leg that’s about to break, you’re not going to waste time before going to the doctor and getting a brace, are you? You’re not going to wait until you can’t put any weight on it — until the pain is awful — before you deal with it, huh?

Exactly. And this is how it is with business, too. This is how it is with outsourcing, too.

So, I’m urging you — begging you, truly — don’t do that to yourself. Don’t wait until you’re at the breaking point, until you’re in tears at your desk, and until you can’t manage your workload. Instead, be proactive about setting up systems and creating space for support. Find the things that take your energy, do your due diligence to find the right people, and challenge yourself to bring on some semblance of support in your business.

You deserve it.

In fact, your family deserves it, your emotional well-being deserves it, your body deserves it, your mind deserves it, and your dreams deserve it.

So, I want you to commit to the first step…

If you’ve been reading this, thinking — deep down in your gut — that it’s time for you, I can promise that it is. So, I want you to challenge yourself to take the first step. I want you to take a deep look into your business, to really hone in on what it is that takes your energy and also revives it, and I want you to take the first step to remedy that. 

For me, that was really looking at the things I needed (at first, it was administrative support), and searching for an integrator (DM me on instagram if you’re curious how I found her!)! For an artist, that might mean realizing that social media is exhausting you — and asking for recommendations for a trusted social media manager. For a photographer, that may mean investing in some new workflows and automations or even a new editing service where you can outsource all your editing..

More importantly ,I want you to do this intentionally. I want you to take the time to search until the intuition clicks, I want you to give yourself the freedom to test and try and try again, and I want you, more than anything else, to support yourself.

You can do this.

I’ll be here cheering you on. 

At Almond Leaf Studios, I spend a lot of time shooting luxury weddings — but I also spend a lot of time helping creatives just like you to find the perfect intersection between profit and peace through things like intentionality and outsourcing. 

And, if you’re ready to find that intersection, you’re in the perfect place. In fact, we just opened the doors to a program that will show you exactly how to do this, the right way. Find out more here, and join us.