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The Key to Magnetizing Ideal Clients: Your Booking Process


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I have gone through many, many phases in my photography business… and I bet you have, too. After all, in a lot of ways, it’s just part of the process. However, there is one phase that I will not go through again (ever).


It’s the too-much-work and not-enough-strategy phase.

See, when we first started scaling Almond Leaf Studios, we scaled fast. We were shooting weddings every year that booked us out, we were making six figures, and we were, well, exhausted. But, happy.

Then, I had my first little, Jayden — and we realized, quite quickly, that we had not set up Almond Leaf for success without hustling HARD … shooting weddings constantly.

The six-figure business we had had the year before? It started to look a lot more like considering bankruptcy. 

Ensue panic. A lot of it.

And, I see this ALL the time when I teach photographers how to grow their businesses, too — a business plan that doesn’t leave room for life. For true growth. For sustainability. It’s like you can’t disconnect from work, you’re feeling anxious about raising your rates, and you’re wondering how to build a thriving business when you can’t trust that you’ll get a response on your proposals.

Does this sound like you?! If so, keep scrolling.

path to profit, ideal clients, asheville photographer, asheville wedding photographer, asheville entrepreneur, north carolina film photographer, booking process, photography business, business education, work life balance

There is a way to fix it, and it’s all in your booking process.

After having Jayden (and realizing that I wanted to keep holding onto and growing Almond Leaf), I started diving deeeeeeep into all things business management. From marketing funnels to calendar management and beyond, I was doing everything I possibly could to save my business AND my headspace.

After all, I’d just had an infant, you know? I absolutely loved my job, but I knew in my bones that I had no interest in working like I had been for such little payoff.

Then, I realized where the disconnect was — and it was within my booking process. I was booking clients, but it often felt inconsistent and sporadic,  and our bank account needed more consistency. Plus, I would often send my pretty pricing guide out to prospective clients, only to get, well… ghosted.

The worst.

So, I knew what I needed to do — and it was to completely transform and streamline my booking process as a whole. Once I did that, EVERYthing changed for us. We were booked out, we were making massive revenue, and we were able to rest. And parent. And grow. And live.

And it’s been the best thing that’s ever happened to us.

Wondering how I did it? I’ll teach you.

During my research, I discovered there were a few mistakes I had made a looooooot (and that my fellow photographers and entrepreneurs were making too). And, it all really came down to strategy — pricing without strategy, adding services without thinking of the logistics, and not connecting authentically with potential clients.

Instead of my original booking process, which involved a pretty pricing guide, customized email response (that took me waaay too long to craft), and some crossed fingers, I transformed everything. Using touchpoints with ideal clients, lead magnets that really *did* magnetize the right people, and marketing techniques that actually worked, I was able to rebuild a thriving foundation for my business that led us back into six-figure-land… sustainably.

I want you to get there, too. 

Enter: the Path to Profit Masterclass.

You are offfffffiiiiically invited to an hour of free learning where I’ll teach ya all I know. 

*pop the champagne*

In my free masterclass, I want to show you exactly how to build your business the same way, using my Path to Profit method so that you can finally, *finally* make more and shoot less. You’ll learn my 3-step map for completely and totally making the profit you deserve, the right way… all starting with a booking process that will change the game.

Plus, here’s some fun news: if you come hang out with me live, you’ll get access to my brand new, never before seen course, Profitable Portfolios, for free. This will teach you to optimize your portfolio in a way that gets you your dream clients from the jump — and it’s a good one. 

Sign up to grab a seat on January 19th at 2pm EST, and come learn with me over a cup of coffee (or beer – I won’t judge!!)  I can’t tell you how much this method has meant to us over here at Almond Leaf Studios, and I can’t wait to teach you how to use it, too.

Grab your spot here for free, and I’ll see you next week.