What You Need to Know About the Wedding Industry

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What You Need to Know About the Wedding Industry


As a wedding photographer of over 15 years come by, there are a few things that I wish I had known about the wedding industry when I was first starting out as a wedding professional.

Most of us get into this industry, because we have a love for serving couples on such an important day. We have a service that we offer that we’re passionate about. But we have no idea the level of work it’s going to take to run a business to make it profitable and efficient. This industry has one of the highest burnout rates I’ve ever seen, and I feel lucky and grateful to have been in it for the long haul.

One of the greatest challenges I’ve seen repetitively over the years is that people dive in deep. They start attracting clients, friends, family, acquaintances, people that they already know, more specifically, people that already know, love, and trust them. And they began to serve them. Fast forward a few years, they’ve burned through all their connections, and now have no consistent way to be attracting new ideal clients.

The sooner you can figure out a way to get consistent clients on repeat inquiring about your service. The better success you’ll have as a wedding professional, especially if you have an interest in being in it for the long haul.

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This industry is made up of big-hearted, beautiful people that love their families, communities, and those around them.

Most of us will always go above and beyond to serve our clients well. The sooner you can recognize the heart and motivation of others in this industry and trust that their intention is good. The sooner you can adapt a world of business.

Community over competition will always bring about greater change, greater results for you personally, and for this industry. Some of the greatest most mind boggling incredible things that I’ve seen happen in our industry have happened when wedding vendors band together to love serve and care for the world around them.

Maybe you’re tempted to think, “Join arms with somebody who is in my city that offers the same service as me and is as good or better skill-wise? They’re gonna steal all my bookings.”

But that’s living in a world of scarcity instead of a world of abundance. That’s choosing to believe this is a world of not enough instead of overgrowth of plenty.

What if, instead, you join arms metaphorically with them, began to pass referrals on to each other, that “competition” could now transform into one of your greatest lead strategies bringing you new client increase every week when he or she is already booked. Make this your mantra, write it down, put it on a sticky note. set a reminder in your calendar. We live in a world of abundance. Community over competition will always win. Look at the wedding industry with hopeful eyes instead of scared ones.

If you’ve ever struggled to bring in enough new hire an increase, New cleaning craze. Knowing what you should charge, how to price your services, or attracting the right kind of talent, maybe not right away your ideal client with a budget to support your rates.

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