Is Hiring A Wedding Planner REALLY Necessary?

As I pack my bags for this weekend’s wedding in Bald Head Island, I’ve found myself thinking about this question. I’ve been around weddings for over a decade now, and the reality of being an activate participant in wedding vendor teams for more weddings than I can count, combined with planning my own wedding, and having the privilege of attending a handful as well leaves me thinking … does every bride really need a wedding planner?


Let’s take my bride this weekend, for example. Kendall manages, plans, and executes large events for a living. She’s chosen to forego a planner for her own event and has done an impressive job keeping up with everything, designing an insanely gorgeous inspiration board of her own (attached below with her permission), and keeping everything organized and timely.


Her venue offers a complementary day-of coordinator, who she knows will help execute everything. The truth is, while chairs need to be set up, food delivered, and menu cards placed, Kendall will be busy … she’ll be busy with hair and makeup, some time with her girls, and then with photos around the island before the ceremony begins. All while hoping the rain doesn’t cause a kink in her plans. The coordinator is there to help juggle all the moving pieces and execute plan B when needed. She’s there to line everyone up in order before the ceremony and to kindly ask the guests to take their seats so that the ceremony can begin. All things you can’t do while being a bride.


While we’re privileged to work with some of the best wedding planners/designers in the industry, and most of our weddings have full service wedding planners, I’m totally in awe of Kendall and what she’s been able to accomplish, plan, and design.


In my opinion, you should hire a full service wedding planner if any of the following are true for you:

  1. Life is busy and you’re already feeling maxed out even without the wedding planning.
  2. Your job has a lot of demands and your schedule is pretty strict. Coordinating with vendors might be increasingly difficult for you and it could get in the way of enjoying the process.
  3. You’re just not the designer or DIY type. Outsourcing the design and execution could be the best decision (besides marrying the one you love) that you will make about your wedding day.
  4. You love to design things, but you know you won’t have time to go hunt for everything and bring it to life.
  5. You’d rather be hands off and let someone else create a stunning day for you, crafted around your style preferences, budget, and personality.
  6. You’re having trouble finding the right vendors for you.


All that said, I highly recommend hiring a day of coordinator, no matter what your budget is, or  your ability to plan. Take it from me … an artist, creative, and a wedding vendor for over a decade who tried to do it all herself. A few weeks before my wedding I almost hired a day of coordinator but decided to save on costs and forego and to this day that is one of my biggest regrets. The day of coordinator would have been worth every penny, and more!

Do yourself a favor if you’re on the fence and find a wedding planner you trust … then hire them!

You can thank me later. 🙂

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(Image above created by Kendall, this weekend’s bride. Sources unknown.)