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Introducing Finding Peace & Profit


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Starting a photography business isn’t for the faint of heart (as I know you know). There’s a lot that goes into being a really great photographer, running a profitable bottom line, AND maintaining a life that brings you joy and rest.

But, I’m also a big believer that — just because starting and running a business can be hard — it doesn’t need to be this overwhelming, exhausting thing. Most of us started our businesses because what we do lights us up. It gives us purpose. It makes us feel complete. We didn’t do it so that we could feel consistently difficult and stressful and scary… right?

The world loves to push that on us though — the idea that running a business is supposed to be the hardest thing you ever do. I vote a big heck no on that, and I vote that we should all work to create sustainable, peace-giving businesses that truly and completely bring us space and rest.

Who’s with me?

If your hand is raised, I have something really, really beautiful and exciting to share with you today. My new course, Finding Peace & Profit, was founded and created out of the realization that feeling pushed to the breaking point isn’t brave or inspiring. It’s just unnecessary. There are ways to structure your photography business that can actually bring you *just* as much profit as peace, okay? And you owe it to yourself to find those structures. 

Enter: this course, your new BFF.

When I realized that finding peace was just as important as finding profit

When it comes to business, I am absolutely convinced that there is so much more to a valuable, sustainable, beautiful one than accounting and hours worked and numbers on an invoice. Instead, the best businesses are the ones with founders that have dug deep into their minds and hearts to uncover limiting beliefs and build strategies rooted in creating space and trust.

See, when I started Almond Leaf Studios, I really did it just because I loved the work I got to do with a camera. And, for years, that’s really… all I did. When I had my daughter, I realized that I had never actually put strategies and frameworks into place to help this business of mine give me rest and continued income and space to breathe — and I found out pretty instantly that that had to change.

I no longer had the time or the desire to sit on the couch editing late into the nights, I no longer wanted to fill my schedule to the literal breaking point to break even each month, and I no longer wanted to feel stressed and overwhelmed by the job that had once really been my biggest dream. 

But, I also had a LOT of beliefs and thoughts hiding out in the back of my mind, telling me that entrepreneurship was *supposed* to be hard, telling me that I wasn’t important enough to hire a team, and telling me that scarcity was how businesses grew. It took a lot of work for me to break through those beliefs and thoughts, but I did — and it transformed my business and my life.

I want everyone trying to build and scale their photography businesses to reach this transformation, too, which is where Finding Peace & Profit comes into play — all of the work I did and the resources I have, compiled together to give *you* peaceful, profitable strategies to put into work in your photography business.

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About Finding Profit & Peace

Balance is a beautiful, beautiful thing… and creating a wedding photography business that actually gives you that joyful, peaceful balance (instead of that stretched, heavy, and anxious feeling) is the best thing you can do for yourself. Inside Finding Peace & Profit, we’ll work together through three modules built to help you create that sustainable framework you’ve been missing.

Here’s what you’ll find:

Module One — Pricing for Profit & Peace: By pricing like you deserve to be pricing, you can massively transform your bottom line. We’ll dive into everything from the psychology of pricing all the way to creating a pricing model that fits your business in this module, and then make sure you feel comfortable and confident in it.

Module Two — Outsourcing for Profit & Peace: The decision to hand off pieces in your business is a really scary one to make… but, wow, is it powerful. In this module, we’ll dive deep into what areas of your business can benefit from outsourcing, and we’ll dig into the confidence, profit, and peace doing so can bring you.

Module Three — Maximizing Your Profit & Peace: In this module, we’ll combine what we’ve learned so far and use it to actually maximize your profitability AND your peace. Whether it’s creating passive income streams in your business or it’s communicating your value in a better way, we have you covered.

Here’s the thing: building a photography business that truly adds peace and profit to your life isn’t going to be an instant thing. It takes a lot of work and requires you to continually come back to yourself and your priorities… but, wow, is it worth it. Finding Peace & Profit was designed to help you turn inward, build outward, AND continually build on what you learned… and that, my friends, is a gold mine (and then some).

Is this what your mind and heart have been waiting for?

When I say that I built Finding Peace & Profit for you, I’m not kidding. I built it for you, and for me, and for every other wedding photographer who has felt like business might not need to be as completely exhausting as people make it seem. When you join Finding Peace & Profit, we’ll work together to define, hone, and strike the right balance to create joy and space in your life and business.

You can find out more about Finding Peace & Profit here. You deserve this, my friend. And then some.

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