How to find the perfect florist for your wedding

Finding the perfect florist for your wedding day can be a daunting task. Just like all the wedding vendors, there are so many crazy talented florists out there! We want to take a minute to walk you through some of the nuances we see, notice, appreciate, and prefer to steer clear of. The hope is that by the end of this post you will know exactly what kind of florist you are looking for!

First, let’s talk about the overall shape of bouquets.

Do you like a more traditional tight oval or circular shape? Or do you like when the flowers are allowed to be a bit more free?

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The bouquet on the left is what we would consider more traditional with a tight round shape (created by Lily Greenthumbs.) The one on the right is a bit more free with an intentional composition to the overall shape (created by Kelly Lenard.)

The same goes for table arrangements and floral installations, too:

(Above florals by Springvine Design)

(above florals by Philosophy Flowers

(above florals by Philosophy Flowers

(above florals by Floressence Flowers


The last thing to know is that some florists offer styling services as well. Styling services can go a long, long way in the final product. If a florist you love offers styling services and you love what they do, we highly recommend adding on that service as well.

Here’s what you should know to steer clear of:

  1. Skimping. We all know that flowers are beautiful even on their own, so you might think it’s a perfect place to skimp on budget. In our opinion, though, we think the florist can make or break a wedding! … Well, at least in terms of the overall design. We’ve seen some gorgeous weddings with amazing details where the only thing missing was quality, styling florals. It really breaks our hearts!
  2. Out of season. Not only will the planet and your wallet thank you if you stick to flowers that are in season and more easily accessible, but it will make more sense with your wedding design too. If you have your heart set on that gorgeous peony, you might want to think about moving your wedding to May/June. Longing for a Fall color palette? Plan for Fall … You get the point.
  3. Not asking. If you’re hiring a professional florist, ask for their opinion and take their advice! A seasoned florist will know how to help you use your budget best. There are areas that you can skimp on blooms if need be, and areas that need that extra bloom or two, even if they cost $5/bloom! They should know what areas will be captured and viewed more by your guests so you can spend the bulk of your floral budget on those areas.


The best advice we can give you is to do your research before scheduling a consultation. Decide on what style of florist you are most drawn towards, then start asking around for florists that have a great reputation and meet that style preference. If you’re one of our brides, be sure to download your Vendor Guide for some specifics!

Happy wedding planning!