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How to Create a PDF Downloadable for Passive Income


If you’ve been on our email newsletter, you know we’ve been talking this month about passive income. I admitted that since learning about passive income a few years back, it’s become a focus, goal, and something we’re serious about building in our business. Especially in an industry where, for well over a decade now, we’ve been trading in our time for money.

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We love what we do and are so honored to be there for our couples on their wedding day, but after having our first baby in 2016 we started to think about the future. We started to ask ourselves the difficult questions like, “What happens if I get into a freak accident and lose my eyesight someday?” or even, “What happens if I break my arm and can’t work for 6 months?” We take all kinds of precautions and have every possible backup plan in our protocol to make sure our brides are cared for, but what about our family and the long term of what we do? … Enter the passive income stream ideas.


So, as a baby step into passive income and implementing it into your business, I’d love to challenge you to create a resource that would be helpful to others. It needs to have enough value to be able to exchange the information for a little cash … not much, necessarily, but at least a little. (We’ll talk about Free PDFs as well and the value they have, but that’s a little down the road.) Wether it’s a resource for brides, or for others who do what you do and maybe haven’t learned what you have, we guarantee YOU have something to offer. You can do this!

Here’s our step by step instructions for how to create a PDF downloadable for some passive income.


  1. Brainstorm the content – It should end up being more than 2-3 pages for a resource that is exchanged for a financial investment.
  2. Design the PDF – If you don’t have a designer or aren’t comfortable designing it yourself, we recommend posting the job on Upwork. (No, we’re not an affiliate and do not get paid to say that.) 
  3. Determine the price point – We recommend $9-$29 for your first downloadable resource, depending on how elaborate and how much information goes into it.
  4. Upload the PDF to your website – We typically host them through our WordPress site but make the link unsearchable.
  5. Determine your sales funnel – Figure out the “flow” of how you’ll attract people who are the audience you’ve created this for, and then how they will move through the system to contact you, follow up with them, and hopefully have them purchase. For us, this is sometimes a facebook/instagram ad, a few emails that go out automatically to follow up, and always a link back to the resource you’re offering.


The goal here is to automate as much, if not all, of the process so that it’s not creating more manual work for you! The whole idea with passive income is that you have to do some up front work and set up some systems and procedures, but then once it’s rolling efficiently, you sit back and enjoy the income that continues to come in with little to no follow up work. Sounds pretty good, right?


Here’s one of our first PDFs we created to get our feet wet in the passive income world:

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If you’re a wedding photographer and want to check it out, here’s the link to purchase yours today:


If you’re a wedding professional and have some ideas you want to turn into a downloadable PDF, don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know how it’s going and how we can help! We’re here to help you make your dreams come true, and to do it in a profitable way that allows you the lifestyle you dreamed of!