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How to Create a Full Year of Marketing Content in Just 5 Days


It’s so easy to get caught up in the serving side of your business that you forget you also need to sell. Without clients, there’s no one to serve! 

If you’re anything like me, you got into this business because of a passion for the service you provide (photography, for me.) The whole running a business, or even knowing how and where to attract and book the right clients is more of an afterthought. Certainly not something you naturally get excited about. 

What if I told you that I’ve developed a way for you to create a full year of marketing content for your wedding business in just 5 days?

Does it sound too good to be true?

After years of researching, investing in, and testing different marketing strategies, I became determined to simplify it and create a realistic strategy to batch out all my content.

I was determined to break the cycle of attract, serve, scramble and set out to find a way to consistently be top of mind. 

So, here’s how I broke it down: 


On the first day, we map out the different categories of what you will post. We talk about my simplified strategy for posts and stories. We create a schedule of when you will posts, and get to writing those posts. 


Blogging can be overwhelming, but we’re going to simplify it with batch working. You’ll spend the first half of this day mapping out your schedule and what your content will be about, and then the second half you’ll get to writing/creating that content. 

DAY THREE: BLOGGING (continued) 

Let’s be real – blogging can be time intensive. That’s why this day is all about writing/creating content for your blogging strategy so that you’ve got the entire year of content created by the end of this 5 day strategy. I’ll give you may exact calendar of what to post, and when.


It’s all about the pretty pics today! Today you’re going to dig into your archives, pull all kinds of pretty images of your work, and maybe even schedule a photo shoot of yourself.

This is the pretty part, and I’m going to share some of my favorite tips and resources for up-leveling your instagram and blog content. You’ll get it all planned out and scheduled so that you know exactly when and what to post!


We’re going to take a look at how Pinterest can be an incredible support for your blog content. Let’s be honest: blogging really doesn’t matter if no one sees/reads it! So, I’m going to share how Pinterest can help you get lots of eyes on that content, for free. 

Curious to know more? 

You can read more about the whole Mindful Marketing Content Calendar here! 

Mindful Marketing Content Calendar for Wedding Professionals

Not only will I walk you through how to do it all, I’ll actually hand you prompts, posts, and headlines you can swipe, tweak and implement! I know that being a business owner has you pulled in so many different directions and I want to help you get back to doing what you love – serving those beautiful clients! 

So, save yourself thousands of hours, and break the attract, serve, scramble cycle so you can be top of mind and have consistent clients ready and eager to book! 

Grab your Mindful Marketing Content Calendar for only $27 (normally $47) today!