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How to book your dream clients


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Have you ever felt that connection with a potential client where you knew you guys would be a great fit and working with them would be an ideal situation? You have some initial contact, send them some pricing info, and then … crickets.

Trust me. We’ve been there too.

It’s left us wondering who else they were reaching out to (who our competition was), what they were doing differently (better), and who these clients were booking.

In fact, we were so bothered by a season where it seemed like all of the great connections were moving on that we decided to do some research and start testing and trying other things. We’re thrilled, now, to say we feel really proud of our process and know that we’re providing an amazing experience for all of the couples who contact us.

Plus, it’s a SUSTAINABLE, REPEATABLE process that allows us to provide a consistent experience for any/every one who reaches out to us!

So, here are three ways you can up your game, no matter what industry you’re in, to be sure those dream clients are receiving a 5 star experience that has them eager to move forward with you and not someone else.

  1. Craft a delightful experience. Sit down to think through what kind of ideal experience you would want if you were in their shoes. Then, figure out ways you can create a repeatable experience so that there’s consistency in your brand and leads are receiving the best from you even when life gets in the way and you don’t feel like it. (I.e. when your kids keep you up all night and you’re sleep deprived.) A repeatable experience allows you to make sure you’re not dropping the ball with someone who might be a dream client just because you didn’t happen to be at your best that particular day they inquired. (We’re all human.)
  2. Be yourself … but with automation. I know, I know. That sounds crazy and a bit bipolar, but there’s nothing worse than a company or service you’re wanting to hire coming across insincere or fake. Like they are trying to be whatever you want them to be. So just be YOU! Let some of your personality and preferences shine throughout the process. Once you’ve figured out what that ideal process is and how you’ll incorporate some of your personality into your brand and experience, find ways to automate. Doing everything manually all the time will only lead to one thing – burnout. Trust me. I’ve been there. I watch so many of our students go through it too. It’s the reason so many service based industries have such a high turn over rate and short lifespan. Burnout will destroy you and your business, so find ways you can automate while still making sure the experience you are offering is full of personal touches.
  3. Know your numbers. If there’s one thing I wish I had done much earlier in my career, it would be to sit down and know my numbers. Understanding what I need to charge to be profitable, what my bottom line is, and what I need to charge to make a booking worthwhile allows me to talk about the numbers with confidence. Early on, as a service provider with no example of what to charge (other than just looking at what others were charging and trying to guess what I should charge based off of their rates), when it came to sharing my prices I would often feel sheepish and ashamed. Like I didn’t really know if I was worth what I was asking. Truthfully I had no idea if I really WAS worth it, because I didn’t know my costs of doing business or how much I needed to make to pay my bills personally and professionally. If you can take the time to sit down and figure out your numbers, it’ll help tremendously as you walk through the booking process with your clients. You’ll know when you have a little wiggle room on things and when you’ll need to stand your ground and let an opportunity pass by if a budget gets in the way.