You deserve to find that deep, life-giving peace in your photography business.


You’re not supposed to feel constantly anxious, overwhelmed, and stretched to the breaking point as a wedding photographer. Instead, you deserve to create a profitable, peaceful business that lets you rest.

Is your business serving you as much as it’s serving your clients?

As a wedding photographer, you know how important it is to capture beautiful images and tell stories. However, it’s really easy to push aside something that’s even more important — building a wedding photography business that combines impeccable work with a restful strategy, insane profit, and the kind of peace that can only come from inside.

And if you’re wondering if it’s even possible, I want you to close your eyes, and imagine… a business that brings you immense joy, a welcome packet that speaks to your expertise, a lead flow that doesn’t hesitate on your pricing, strategies that create space in your business, and a life that’s perfectly, sweetly balanced… and peaceful.

Welcome to Finding Profit and Peace

Ready for your life to change?

 Elizabeth gave me permission to not only dream big about my business, but to craft it in a way that serves  me and my family.


“There's nothing out there like this course!”

I hope you know that you’re not even close to being alone in those feelings — and that, in fact, every single photographer I know has felt the same. All of us have known that deep yearning for something more, and all of us have also felt that pit in our stomachs that tells us we just aren’t worthy of it.

Every photographer I know has experienced this.

But, here’s the thing: not only are you worthy of creating a profitable, peaceful business… you are 100% capable of it, too.

It feels heavy sometimes, and…

Finding Profit & Peace


Your answer to creating a profitable, peaceful business that serves you AND your clients well. With a unique medley of mindset work and action steps, you’ll unlock the tools you need to build a business that gives you both revenue and rest — because you do deserve it.

Standing confidently in your pricing — from the numbers themselves to the pride you feel when saying your rates out loud — is one of the most important and difficult things you can do as a photographer. In this module, we’ll work towards creating a pricing model that truly resonates with your needs… and then we’ll uncover any subconscious barriers that are keeping you from resting in it.

The investment of time into your business feeds directly into your finances, and taking the leap to outsource and release some of your tasks can transform your bottom line. In this module, we’ll find practical, profitable methods for determining what you can outsource… and then we’ll work to truly determine how it can impact your confidence, your worth, and your peace.

Here’s What You Can Expect

Pricing for Profit and Peace

Outsourcing for Profit and Peace

module one

module two

There are a myriad of ways that you can add more revenue — and peace — into your business, and sometimes you just need a little help uncovering those methods. From communicating value with albums and print sales to creating passive streams of income in your business, we’ll create revenue-soaring strategies to help you get there. Plus, we’ll also take the time to break down the walls you have that are preventing you from feeling confident in those strategies.

Maximizing Your Profit and Peace

module Three

Inside Finding Profit and Peace, we’re diving deep.

Consistently reminds you how much you love what you do.

A profitable, peaceful, joy-filled photography business that:

Brings in the kind of revenue you thought you could only dream of.

Can’t you just picture it?

Creates boundaries and frameworks that help you find true rest.

Attracts the clients who feed your soul and your passion.

Smashes down every wall and every limiting belief you used to have.

How It Works

Sign up, sit back, and give yourself a happy dance — because you just made a life-changing decision for yourself and your business.


From three modules and turning inward, you’ll be able to build out a business that allows you to feel aligned with your work and your income.


From action steps to a post-course plan, rest easy knowing you have what it takes to continually build on the business frameworks you’ve uncovered.


“This course is such a gold mine for actually using strategies that dig into mindset AND profitability, which I think has been missing in a lot of courses I’ve taken.”

Real results:


“Being able to reflect on everything from childhood mindsets to limiting beliefs as an adult and then actually use those reflections to create something really special is just so unique and powerful.”

Real results:

You deserve this kind of business, even if you might not think you do.

This will help get you there.

The thing is, building a photography business that will truly, truly last for years is one that also truly, truly brings you rest — and without working to build out a business that’s strong in both profit and peace, it’s harder than it needs to be. From beliefs we take with us from childhood all the way to schedules that make it too busy to stand back and reflect, there are a ton of things that keep us from it. If you’re ready to finally strike the balance between business and life and peace, this is for you.

The weight of limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome is heavy, and I know from personal experience that getting out from under it takes a lot of work. Inside Finding Profit & Peace, we’ll work together to unlock that power you have within you — and we’ll make sure you realize that power, too.

You. Deserve. This.

Guide to Hiring
Your First VA


Guide to Hiring
Your First VA

Bonus ONE

Having a constant touchpoint to root your business in profit and peace is key to running your business, and this resource guide will give you an easy-to-reach handbook full of vendors and links.

Your Personal Profit + Peace Resource Guide

Bonus TWO


Profit + Peace
Resource Guide

Snag your spot today, and you’ll get access to two exclusive bonuses for building your business to be rooted in profit and peace.

plus ... 

With the Almond Leaf Studios guide to hiring your first VA and your own personal sheet of profitable, peaceful photography business resources, you’ll be prepped and ready to root every detail of your business in rest and trust.


Guide to Hiring
Your First VA

Running a business doesn't have to be overwhelming.

You can do it peacefully and profitably 

Have strategies to level up your income, whether you’re a wedding photographer, videographer, or have a hybrid business.

Feel confident in your pricing, and be able to stand tall knowing that it’ll actually bring you profit.

Learn how to outsource and what to outsource for a more restful business. (Can you even imagine?)

Attract the clients that feed your soul and let you feed theirs, too.

Find the roots of your fears and limiting beliefs, and then turn them on their heads.

Map out a business that gives you income you’ve only dreamed of — or, heck, the income you’ve never let yourself dream of in the first place.

After Finding Profit & Peace, you’ll…


I’m Elizabeth, your teacher + coach along this journey. 

I’m part of the husband-and-wife team that makes up Almond Leaf Studios, an award-winning wedding photography and videography studio that you may have seen in The Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings, and Style Me Pretty. When I’m not behind the lens or corralling my kiddos, I’m educating photographers just like you on growing their businesses, believing in themselves, and building sustainable, beautiful empires.

Hello, hello!

But, I can promise you — I’ve been in your shoes, too.

Before I put peace-giving, profitable strategies into my business, I was treading water. I had a photography business that I loved, and it was paying the bills… but that was about it. Once I had my oldest and took time off, I realized that I hadn’t created that sustainable business I’d dreamed about — and we came inches away from having to close our doors. 

I knew that the doors closing was the last thing I wanted, and I revamped everything about this business as I knew it, walking down every avenue I could through outsourcing, educating, and growing our revenue streams — and Almond Leaf Studios has become the multiple six-figure profit machine I knew it could be.

I want to help you get there, too.

This is why Finding Profit & Peace is so, so powerful.

Because you have it within you to truly build a business that will stand the test of time.

See, Finding Profit & Peace isn’t your average photography course. I’m not going to teach you things that you already know — but instead, I’m going to guide you as you turn inwards, fight like hell for the fire I know you have, and create systems and frameworks that truly create sustainability and rest.

The goal? Together we’ll blend mindset work + actionable steps to transform your business.

In Finding Profit & Peace, I’m not going to tell you to hustle more. To work more. To be more

 Why? Because you, my friend, are already enough. Instead, we’re going to dismantle those beliefs that you have — and I can promise you, we all have them — about yourself and your worth and your business, and we’re going to turn them on their heads.

After you make your way through the course, you’ll be able to harness your own inner passion and joy to create changemaking, profitable strategies that build a business you can stand on forever. From outsourcing and pricing all the way to defining your mission and standing true in it, I’ve got your back. Plus, I’m going to empower you to remember that you’ve got yours, too.

This is the only program of its kind for a few reasons — but, truly, I built it because I know what you need to create a wedding photography business that lights up your life instead of dimming it… and that, my friend, is something only you can do.

Inside Finding Profit and Peace, you’ll unlearn, you’ll uncover roots, you’ll learn again, and you’ll rise back up.

grow as you go/
learn from you AND from me

increase your self-trust and self worth

build profitable, peace-giving strategies

Gives you equal parts joy, adventure, and rest

Sets you up for a freedom-filled life with revenue strategies that work

Draws in dream clients that know how worthy you are

Automatically repels the idea of imposter syndrome

Continually reminds you of your excellence, your power, and your heart

Is full of systems and team members that let you scale with peace

If you’re ready to finally build a photography business that *truly*:


Lets you live the life you dreamed of when you got into this business

This is for you if:

You’re prepared to dig deep

You’re not going to dive into your own heart

You’re okay with redefining your priorities

You’re not willing to turn inwards

You’re willing to grow

This might not be your best choice (yet) if…

You’re not ready to try new things

My friend, let’s do this…

for ourselves, for our loved ones, and for our businesses.


email US today

That’s what I’m here for.

Want to talk more before you take the plunge?

I know investing in your business can be scary, especially when it includes work that might be a little tough. I get it — and I’d love to learn more about you, your business, and what you might be able to gain from this course.