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Finding Balance in a Crazy Wedding Season


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Oh, friends. This season has been really, really hard, hasn’t it?

It’s like this odd dichotomy, too — after 2020, having busy wedding seasons is such a beautiful blessing. There is so much to be grateful for, and so much to practice gratitude about. However, this wedding season has been so incredibly busy that it’s been hard to catch a breath.

I know you might be feeling the same, too. I’ve had so many friends in the industry talk about the feeling of toeing the line of burnout and guilt — exhausted, but not wanting to complain about being exhausted with all of the work.

Can you relate? If so, you’re so welcome here. Because I feel it, too.

These last few months have been so packed with weddings that the days and nights start to run together sometimes. Combine that with the rest of my life (and being a mama), and… oof. It’s why I’ve been relying so, so heavily on the practices that keep me grounded, balanced, and aligned — so I can show up for myself, for my family, and for my clients like we all deserve.

I wanted to share a few of those practices with you, too — because I know that we really just all need some breaks where we can find them. Enjoy these, friends.

First up… remember that you’re allowed to feel how you feel

Before we dive into finding moments of quiet, I want to talk about the guilt that so many of us feel as entrepreneurs and wedding photographers. Are you with me?

You’re allowed to feel exhausted and proud at the same time.

You’re allowed to feel absolutely tapped out and fulfilled at the same time.

You’re allowed to need a break and still serve your clients at the same time.

You’re allowed to be wiped and still be incredible at your job.

I promise. There’s nothing wrong with being tired, or being burnt out, or exhausted and leaning into it. The only problem is when you don’t lean into those feelings and you don’t give yourself the space to rest and decompress when you need to. No guilt needed, okay?

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4 practices I’ve been clinging to in this season 

This wedding season, there have been some consistent practices I’ve found myself relying on more than I ever realized I would — and they’ve made all the difference in keeping my head above water, my nervous system balanced, and my work as beautiful as it can be. I hope you take one of these (or all of these), and that they work for you like they’ve worked for me.

  1. Setting boundaries, and sticking to them.

Oh, just the most simple and impactful tip I have — boundaries. Boundaries. Boundaries. They’re absolutely essential on so many levels… energetically, emotionally, physically. In heavy, busy seasons like these, I fall back on my boundaries more than ever: I try to work only during certain hours during the week, I put my phone away to make sure I’m present with myself and my kids, and I am outspoken when I need to be about the time I have and don’t have. My boundaries are across the table, too — I set them with everyone from family and friends to my team and my clients, and we’re all the better for it.

  1. Taking advantage of (and creating) quiet moments.

Being a wedding photographer during the busiest season any of us can remember comes hand in hand with a lot of busy, stressful, exhausting moments — but, if anything, it’s taught me to seek out and maximize each and every quiet moment I can. Whether it’s seeking out a few minutes each morning to breathe deeply while my coffee brews, taking advantage of the kids playing and doing a quick meditation, or it’s simply closing my eyes while I brush my teeth, I’ve been focusing on actively seeking that quiet — and it’s helped me more than I knew it could.

  1. Outsourcing where I can.

You’ve heard me talk about how much I love outsourcing time and time again, and for good reason — it saves me. Consistently. And, being in a season where I’ve shot more weddings in the past 3 months than in the past 3 years, it’s made all the difference. Currently we outsource a lot here at Almond Leaf Studios — podcast editing, copywriting, photo editing, album design, administrative work — and I wouldn’t change a second. However, don’t let that overwhelm you. Instead, look for things to outsource one at a time, and let the rest happen organically. You’ll be amazed by how much additional peace you’ll feel.

  1. Tapping and meditation

Tapping has changed my life, and so has meditation. The two are now so incredibly intermingled within my life that I don’t know how I ever made it through without them both. I either practice EFT tapping — the Emotional Freedom Technique, which you can find more about here — or a shorter, guided meditation each day… and I can’t recommend them enough for increasing your confidence, calming your nervous system, and simply slowing down.

Friends, there you have it — a reminder that you’re allowed to feel overwhelmed, and another reminder that you’re allowed to take space for yourself. For your breath. For your life. I understand how you’re feeling, and I promise you’re not alone — not even close.
To add an extra level of breath and peace to your busy season, I wanted to share the Tapping video I made for Finding Profit & Peace with you. Download it here (for free!), and take some time to rest for yourself this week, this month, and this season. You’re doing wonderfully.