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Episode 15: Crafting your story


Crafting your story, family and business, wedding photographer, business photographer, wedding photography, photographer education, work life balance, mindset work


I love people, story, and capturing the beauty of people in their natural setting.

Listen in to this one-on-one coaching episode about crafting your story, where Elizabeth and Katie discuss the challenges of owning a photography business, the impact it can have on your personal life, and how to work towards the work life balance you dream of. Elizabeth challenges Katie to implement practices in her business that would most benefit her so she can spend more time focusing on the things that matter most to her. They discuss the importance of mindset work and how a consistent practice can shift her entire business by discovering subconscious beliefs that could be holding her back. 

Some important questions that came up include:

Are you crafting your story in life outside of work? 

Are you tracking your time so you have an idea of how much you are actually making?

Are you giving your family as much attention as your business? 

Are you working in your zone of genius? 

Are you making mindset work a priority?

Katie is a wedding and lifestyle photographer, and a lover of people and stories. She has always been in awe of the natural beauty of people – and sharing their stories with the world. She went to film school in 2006 and then continued her studies to tie in her sports and media background. When she went to Brock for Sports Management, she worked in athletics for BrockTV creating and producing expose segments on their athletes. It wasn’t until then she developed a stronger passion for telling and sharing stories in a linear fashion. Her own wedding photographer Destiny loved how she captured action/in the moment stills, and she became her mentor showing her the ins and outs of the wedding world. She became her second shooter and slowly started to book her own weddings. From there (4 years later)…she feel in love with weddings and families and the rest is history! Listen to hear how crafting your story impacts your family and business now.

Listen to the episode below:

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