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Energetically Set Yourself Up as an Entrepreneur


When I first started out as an entrepreneur, I thought everything depended on the typical small business vocab: accounting, working, taxes, hustle… anything that made entrepreneurship seem harder than it needed to be.

A lot of us think that way, too — that, if it doesn’t seem hard, or it doesn’t take hours and hours of stress and tears, it’s not enough.

But, let me tell you something: entrepreneurship is so, so much more than numbers on a line sheet and hours spent at your laptop (and I wouldn’t have believed it as a young entrepreneur, either). 

Really, entrepreneurship comes down to the way you set yourself up energetically. It comes down to the headspace you’re in and the vision you have and the things you attract. There’s simply nothing more important than that — and it doesn’t have anything to do with the hard stuff.

It has to do with the real, genuine stuff.

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Here’s what I mean…

Each and every one of us have energetic fields that take us where we want to go. That energy of ours determines each and every piece of the walks of life that we go down, the relationships we build, and the businesses we grow. There are tons of things that continue to influence our energy as we grow and we live, and finding the right way to influence that energy is absolutely essential.

See, that energy of ours is a lot bigger than we think — and it’s what gets us the clients we’re dreaming of and the businesses we’re building, too. And, when you think of it like that, it makes a heck of a lot more sense that focusing on that energy is a lot more important than, say, working 12 hours a day. 

Setting yourself up for success energetically

There are tons of ways that energetics play into building a small business, and one of the biggest ways I see energetics make an impact is through money. See, while there are things that are more important than money (lots more important), money still matters as an entrepreneur —it gives us freedom. It grows us. It gives us room.

And the energy we give out and create goes hand in hand with that money, too. 

Need an example? Discounting is a huge thing I talk about and dive into, especially with my coaching clients. After all, doesn’t it make sense to discount your services? Won’t that help you attract more clients and, in turn, make more?

Heck no, friends. Discounting messes with your energy. It sets you up for failure and for heartache, it leads you to attract the wrong clients (like price shoppers), and it gets you out of the headspace you want to be in as a creative entrepreneur in the luxury space.

This is just one tiny example of how energetics play into entrepreneurship, but it’s a huge one — and a huge reminder that, when you can set yourself up for success energetically, you can make a huge difference in your own life and the life of your business.

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Ready to set yourself up for success energetically?

As I’ve grown Almond Leaf Studios over the years, learning to optimize that energy of mine has been absolutely paramount in the way I’ve done it — and I want to help you do the same, too. As a creative entrepreneur, you absolutely deserve to learn how to optimize your energetics and attract the life you want to live.

I promise.

So, whether you are ready to start your business and have no idea where to start …

Whether you have been in business for decades and are ready to create more spaciousness in your life (along with more profit) …

Whether you are an artist that just has no idea how to price what you’re worth for the work that you do …

Or whether you are just looking for some high level support in your life as you navigate hard things and don’t want life circumstances to derail your business dreams …

I’ve got you.

This is something I dig into constantly with my coaching clients, and I’d absolutely love to have you in there with me. (Plus, for a limited time, you can also apply for a free coaching call!) 

We’ll also be continually enrolling students in Finding Peace and Profit, as well as (soon!) launching the Peace and Profit Mastermind — so keep your eyes open around here.

Because I am here for you — in every single way I can be. More importantly, though, I’m here to help you be here for yourself.