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Consistently Showing Up | Business Talk


You just have to consistently show up. 

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Photo credit: Heather Payne

It’s not about the “hustle” or the “daily grind” … in fact, I believe in rest and relaxation to rejuvenate the soul (ESPECIALLY the creative soul.) It’s about having a plan laid out before you and just consistently showing up.

David and I have been talking a lot about this recently. In our personal lives, in business, and even in our ponderings of spirituality and the world around us. I think sometimes we live in the belief that we’re supposed to always choose hope, happiness and gratitude … and I love the days where those come easy. But what if we gave ourselves permission to just simply show up?

What if it was enough to just BE?

What would life look like if we were all just a little more present in our day, in our lives, in the tasks that we do? What if you could show up a emotionally, physically, AND mentally and what if it was ok to not have it all figured out or be filled with joy each and every day? What if it was ok to be honest about a pessimistic day, or to even check in and realize that maybe today you need to just rest?

How different would life look if you took some of the weight and the pressure off of your shoulders and just allowed yourself to show up, be present, and embrace honesty?

For me, there has been tremendous freedom in having a roadmap in my business. A plan with specific steps that show me where I am today on this journey and where I want to go. Some days I may take two giant leaps forwards and others it may feel like a big step back. Some days the path feels linear and some days it feels more cyclical. Having a plan, though, and a roadmap that we’ve developed with our business coach has given me so much freedom to just consistently show up and trust the process. To trust that I am not wandering aimlessly. To know that each and every day I pour my time and energy into this work that I love to do, there is progress being made. No matter how big or small.

So, what does it look like for you? Do you feel the freedom to just show up? Do you feel like you have that master plan and know the journey you are on, be it in life or in business? Do you allow yourself the freedom to just BE?