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We are a husband and wife team practicing gratitude in the mountains of Asheville, NC. Together, we juggle the beauty of parenthood, capturing weddings around the globe, and equipping entrepreneurs to build wildly successful, profitable brands doing what they love. 


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TUNE IN TO THIS EPISODE   ITUNES  |  SPOTIFY Over the last year or so, I have leaned in powerfully to the practice of bragging. Deliciously, beautifully, playfully bragging. And I know that, for a lot of us, the word “bragging” holds a negative connotation. In fact, it probably sounds like we’re being selfish or out of […]

TUNE IN TO THIS EPISODE   ITUNES  |  SPOTIFY You might be ready to “quantum leap” ahead, towards some big changes in your business. Maybe you even know you want to hire some support, outsource, or create new workflows. Sometimes, we have to start slowing down a bit before we get to speed up and see exponential […]

TUNE IN TO THIS EPISODE   ITUNES  |  SPOTIFY   As one of the most intuitive coaches I know, Alicia Nicole gives a beautiful introduction to the modality of Human Design as one of the many tools she uses in her holistic coaching practice.  On this episode we joke about starting a group for post “bro marketing” experiences […]

TUNE IN TO THIS EPISODE   ITUNES  |  SPOTIFY   What if, my friend, you stopped thinking so much about the arrival? And more about the journey that gets you there? I know how it feels to focus on the arrival — but I also know how much better it feels to reframe the journey and revel in that […]

TUNE IN TO THIS EPISODE   ITUNES  |  SPOTIFY   Have you ever found yourself drowning in grief, or wondering how to wrestle with the strangeness of the human experience as heartbreaking news continues to unfold in the world? I couldn’t think of a better person to interview than my own doula, who helped me welcome my first […]

TUNE IN TO THIS EPISODE   ITUNES  |  SPOTIFY   If you’ve been in need of a little extra encouragement, love, and nourishment for that soul and mind and heart of yours, you’re in the right place. Today, I’m taking you through some affirmations to remind you of how incredible, worthy, and wonderful you are.  Tune in for […]

TUNE IN TO THIS EPISODE   ITUNES  |  SPOTIFY   On this week’s episode of I Might Cry, I’m talking about something that’s absolutely essential to increasing your bookings: adding more touch points for potential clients to see along the way. See, touchpoints — or those little ways in which potential clients are interacting with your brand — […]

TUNE IN TO THIS EPISODE   ITUNES  |  SPOTIFY   On this week’s episode of I Might Cry, I’m sharing the practices I’ve been implementing into my mornings lately for a life that feels equal parts intentional, mindful, and magical. Because, here’s a simple truth that makes life feel just a little easier: you get the chance to […]

TUNE IN TO THIS EPISODE   ITUNES  |  SPOTIFY   “I forgive myself for ever questioning my worthiness.” In this week’s episode of I Might Cry, I’m taking you behind the scenes of a coaching call with one of my clients where we dig deep into the limiting beliefs that tend to get in the way of everything […]

TUNE IN TO THIS EPISODE   ITUNES  |  SPOTIFY   “We all need permission to feel all the feelings and navigate the best way to respond to those feelings.” In this week’s episode of I Might Cry I’m sitting down with my husband, David, to talk about something hugely important that’s been defining in our lives lately: the […]