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We are a husband and wife team practicing gratitude in the mountains of Asheville, NC. Together, we juggle the beauty of parenthood, capturing weddings around the globe, and equipping entrepreneurs to build wildly successful, profitable brands doing what they love. 


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TUNE IN TO THIS EPISODE   ITUNES  |  SPOTIFY   “The more we learn, the more resources our creativity has to draw from us as we build our businesses. No investment is wasted.” In this episode, Elizabeth and Emma dive into how creativity can thrive most when we are at peace by expanding via imperfection and authenticity. This […]

TUNE IN TO THIS EPISODE   ITUNES  |  SPOTIFY   “You just have to look at yourself and see that when you refuse to outsource, you are trying to service your own perfectionist tendencies within you and it’s not actually serving your client well.” Have you ever found an extra $20 hidden in the pocket of a jacket […]

TUNE IN TO THIS EPISODE   ITUNES  |  SPOTIFY   “You can only grow if you receive that feedback. You can’t improve on something you don’t know you’ve made a mistake on.” Having a business for more than two decades, Elizabeth and David discuss how to normalize a difficult situation in business and the good that can come […]

TUNE IN TO THIS EPISODE   ITUNES  |  SPOTIFY   “Our mind intercepts ideas. They are not ours. We do not own them. We are a match for them.” Elizabeth chats with Madison Dalmaso, a 7-figure high performance lifestyle and business mentor, who studied under the renowned Bob Proctor, learning about the Law of Attraction. Madison explains that […]

TUNE IN TO THIS EPISODE   ITUNES  |  SPOTIFY   “By knowing ourselves, digging deep and doing the work, it becomes easier to understand what’s behind the things we are searching for.” In this episode, Elizabeth sits in the guest seat while being interviewed by her husband, David, the lead videographer at Almond Leaf Studios. In this playful, […]

TUNE IN TO THIS EPISODE   ITUNES  |  SPOTIFY   “At its core, burnout emerges when the demands of a job outstrip a person’s ability to cope with the stress.” In this solo episode, Elizabeth sheds light on the high risk the event industry is in for burnout. With a bit of her own experience sprinkled in, she […]

TUNE IN TO THIS EPISODE   ITUNES  |  SPOTIFY   “Your neuro pathways actually begin to change and transform so you can clear your mind, open your heart, and feel good in your body.” In this special episode, Elizabeth walks us through her go-to tapping exercise that aids in moving through overwhelm during stressful times. “Tapping”, officially called […]

TUNE IN TO THIS EPISODE   ITUNES  |  SPOTIFY   “A consistent practice of energy shedding and healing allows a compound effect of providing inspiration, clarity, motivation, and ideas.” In this episode, guest Yogi Bryan shares his experience of moving beyond the yoga mat into a consistent practice of meditation to change his life. Together, he and Elizabeth redefine […]

TUNE IN TO THIS EPISODE   ITUNES  |  SPOTIFY   “Every birth is traumatic in some way or another. Trauma can live in the body and it is essential to work to heal so that we can continue to show up for ourselves, our children, and our partners.” Elizabeth and Acupuncturist Kerry Goodwin discuss the benefits of Chinese […]

TUNE IN TO THIS EPISODE   ITUNES  |  SPOTIFY   “Growing a capable team and being able to step back and trust the ebbs and flows of business has given them a community, more success, and the freedom they have always dreamed of.” Elizabeth and Eatherley dive deep into what inspires them in their own craft; how they […]