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We are a husband and wife team practicing gratitude in the mountains of Asheville, NC. Together, we juggle the beauty of parenthood, capturing weddings around the globe, and equipping entrepreneurs to build wildly successful, profitable brands doing what they love. 


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Can we all agree that we grew up (and are living) in a world that teaches us to automatically look for the things we’re doing wrong? The things that are wrong? Whether you’re turning on the news or checking your email or talking to the person next to you in the grocery store line, negativity […]

Whether we like it or not, content creation is an integral part of running our businesses. From social media strategy to blogging, content is part of what allows you to show up for your clients and attract sales, loyalty, and awareness. But, here’s the issue — a lot of the time, the stress and the […]

Do you remember when, exactly, you stopped checking in with yourself — when you stopped getting really, really in tune with how you’re feeling — as a human? I’ve thought a lot about this lately. When we’re born and come into the world, we’re unapologetic about how we feel. We cry to express frustration, hunger, […]

I talk a ton over here about mindfulness and meditation and everything in between, and for good reason:  Because I’ve seen how that intentionality has changed — no, transformed — my life and my entire business, and there’s truly nothing I want more than for you to start focusing in on the things that will […]

I’ve been having lots of conversations lately — with friends, peers, and my students — around the idea of outsourcing as a creative. From when to do it to why to do it to everything in between, it’s a conversation that I’ve been having so much because it’s remarkably important… and it’s how you start […]

When it comes to integrating mindfulness into my daily life, there have been several techniques that I’ve fallen in love with (and crave each day). From tapping to meditation to mindfulness walks, taking deep care of my brain and my soul has become an integral part of my life… and I want so badly for […]

When I first started out as an entrepreneur, I thought everything depended on the typical small business vocab: accounting, working, taxes, hustle… anything that made entrepreneurship seem harder than it needed to be. A lot of us think that way, too — that, if it doesn’t seem hard, or it doesn’t take hours and hours […]

I sometimes wish that the me that became an entrepreneur in the first place — the Elizabeth of 2008 — could see how much more multifaceted her entrepreneurial journey was going to be.  Because, honestly, when I first started Almond Leaf Studios, I thought entrepreneurship was this exhausting medley of hustle culture and profit margins and […]

When I close my eyes and reflect back on my business growth journey, there are two things that stick out in my mind: How much my business grew and how simple things became when I implemented systems and strategies. How the needle seemed to never move if I wasn’t in the right place mentally, emotionally, […]

There are a lot of things I find myself diving into on a daily basis over here, and on any given day my brain is doing a little bit of everything: thinking about business growth, thinking about my kiddos, thinking about dinner plans, thinking about the weddings I have coming up, thinking about the last […]