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Episode 35: Add more Touchpoints, Increase your Bookings


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On this week’s episode of I Might Cry, I’m talking about something that’s absolutely essential to increasing your bookings: adding more touch points for potential clients to see along the way. See, touchpoints — or those little ways in which potential clients are interacting with your brand — are way more important than you might think.

A lot of the photographers and creatives I know will send one pricing PDF guide to a potential client, and then hear crickets. I used to be the same, too! But, adding a few more touch points along the way is what will level up that area of your business and increase confidence from your clients and from you. This episode is the perfect short listen for streamlining that area of your business so that you can book more projects and clients that you’re proud of!

How to magnetize ideal clients with touchpoints

At Almond Leaf Studios, we’ve been able to implement a booking process that works for itself — and for our clients — with tons of touchpoints and communication points along the way. And, in my signature program, The Art of Booking, I’ll teach you how to do this exact thing! 

Inside of The Art of Booking, you’ll learn…

…how to attract only the clients that are exactly right for you.

…how to appropriately price your work based on the market, your skill level, and your experience.

…how to truly convert your ideal clients into paying customers.

…how to build a rhythm within your workflow that increases your time and your clients’ value.

…how to reach the freedom you can only get when you’re reaching all of your goals.

Sounds pretty great, huh? Find out more here, and join our next group.

Listen to the episode below:

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