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5 Service Based Business Tips


Are you tired of the mundane business tasks taking over your love for the service you provide?

I hear you, friend.

You didn’t get into this to spend your days behind a desk, answering emails or doing bookkeeping. Am I right?

You started this business because of your passion for the service you provide.

I want to help you get back to doing just that!

Today, let’s take a look at how you can spend less time (more efficiency) on your business so you can focus on serving your clients with the incredible skill you offer.

Here are 5 Service Based Business Tips based on my 15+ years of running a service based business!

(Has it really been that long? … I feel old.)

1. Create a system for how you’re going to be attracting new clients on autopilot.

If you rely on word of mouth or vendor referrals (without a real strategy) you’ll find inquiries to be very inconsistent. Setting up your business for success means creating a way for you to continually be in front of your ideal clients, with a way for them to contact you.

Side note: If you’re too busy to keep up with them as you’re serving your current clients, hire someone to help!

2. Learn to outsource.

You simply cannot be a master of ALL. THE. THINGS.

Especially when it comes to your business.

This one took me a lot of years before I learned (the hard way) that I should be focused on doing what only I can do. Outsource and hire help for the rest.

It could take you 10 hours to accomplish a task that’s not your giftedness, whereas it would only cost you a small fee to hire someone else because they can get it done in under an hour … and it might even be better. *gasp*

Don’t be the hero.

Successful, profitable, sustainable business ownership means you have to learn to ask for help. Hire help. Let go of that hard earned cash and trust that by investing in your business, you’re going to not only offer your clients a better experience but also provide some much needed time away from your business. Time for you. Time to even plan the future of your business and set goals you’d like to be working towards.

Without learning to ask/hire help, you’re setting yourself up for burnout. You just simply can’t burn the candle at both ends forever. You can’t run a marathon at a sprint pace. If you want to be in it for the long haul, you’ve got to have help doing it!

When you know your hourly rate and what your time is really worth, it can make decision about who to hire and what to outsource much easier.

Not sure what your hourly rate is, or how to figure it out? You can join me on my free workshop here and we’ll talk more about it.

3. Don’t hide behind the service/skill you provide.

I’m speaking to myself here on this one, guys.

This is still something I’m working on, but you know what? People don’t want to buy the skill you offer for their wedding day from a big giant corporation. They want to hire YOU.

People buy from people, my friend, and if you don’t allow them to know who you are, you’re robbing them of the opportunity to fall in love with the human who will be offering the skill on one of the most emotionally charged days of their lives.

That means showing up in your instagram feed. It means being brave enough to invite the world to know more about you, your thoughts, the things you love or hate.

It’s time to stop hiding behind that glorious skill you have and the amazing work you do, and start allowing your brand to be a true reflection of YOU. Imperfect and all.

It’s time to start actively fighting those perfectionistic tendencies and get things done.

Image above by my lovely, talented friend Heather Payne

4. Create an amazing client experience.

Take some time to sit down and map out what the most amazing client experience you could provide might be. Go to a coffee shop. Sit outside and stare at the mountains. Schedule an hour to be alone with your thoughts and actually write out each and every step of the process.

Then, you can turn it into a workflow.

Find ways you can simplify your work load as each and every client moves through that process at a different pace.

Can you batch work to create some of it ahead of time? Can you craft an email template that you customize for each person? Could you hire an intern to be in charge of making sure they get what they need as they move through your client experience process?

When it’s all mapped out, and on paper, it’s much easier to pinpoint how you can simplify your workload and run your business more efficiently.

5. Schedule time to work on your business, not just in it.

This one can be a hard pill to swallow. You guys, I spent a LOT of years just surviving my business. Trying to keep up with the workload. Scrambling to find time to meet everyone’s needs and maintain the workload.

To be honest, at times it felt as if it was just a juggling act of trying to catch each plate on it’s way down. Whatever was about to crumble, that’s what got my attention.

I never felt ahead of the game. I never felt done with work. I didn’t know how to take a break and see the bigger picture. To set goals for where I wanted my business to go.

It’s also why I started to burnout.

So, learn from my mistakes, friend. Today, I challenge you to put some time on your calednar to work ON your business.

Not to meet tasks. Not to respond to clients.

To work on it. To spend some mental energy thinking about what you want your business to look like next year. In 2 years. In 10 years.

Then, map out what you picture the steps looking like to take you there.

Does it mean hiring someone new?

Would it require pivoting the overall direction?

Does it mean investing in a mastermind or business coach? … or maybe even going to counseling to work through some mindset issues?

I can almost guarantee you, you’re not going to achieve those goals if you stay stuck scrambling.

It’s harsh love, but it’s true. I want the best for you. I want you to achieve EVERY dream your heart desires. I want business ownership to be FUN because you know you are in control of what you do, how you serve your amazing clients, and where your business is headed.

If it’s not feeling fun today, DM me on instagram and let’s chat. I’d love to help you.