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3 Simple Ways to Start Automating Things In Your Business


Let’s get right down to it! I’m preparing for maternity leave with baby #2 approaching within a matter of weeks (under 4 until my official due date – yay!) and I’m gearing up for some time away.

After having our first daughter 3+ years ago, I was nervous to have another because our business took a huge hit after that first year of her life. I didn’t have things set up to run efficiently without my everyday presence, and I just couldn’t physically, mentally, or emotionally show up in the same way that I always had prior to her birth. My brain was fried from lack of sleep, my passion had shifted to caring for her precious little life, and unfortunately my business (and my clients) suffered because of it.

Honestly, I thought I would be so terrified to go on any kind of a maternity leave this time – but I’m not! I’m thrilled, actually, because I’ve done the work and have set up all kinds of systems in place to help our business succeed during this time away. Sure, I’ll need to check in occasionally, but the systems, automations, and outsourcing we’ve done over the last few years to help streamline our business and make it run more efficiently actually has me EXCITED to see how it’ll all run without me!

Ok, so without further ado … here are 3 simple ways you can start automating things in your business!

  1. Instagram – wether it’s simply just to plan out your visual content, batch write the captions, or even schedule the posts to be completely automated, I can’t recommend doing this enough. Planning out posts on instagram helps me be much more present and consistent in my business and before I started scheduling things, my content was sporadic at best. I personally use Planoly and love it.
  2. Pinterest – It’s only been in the last year that I’ve given any time, energy, or attention to Pinterest as a strategy for growing my business. I didn’t really see any change at all, or notice any kind of difference, until I started using Tailwind. Pinterest is really all about momentum, so unless you have the time and want to be on the application each and every day, I highly recommend scheduling it out with Tailwind to grow your reach. Plus, you can pin your own instagram or blog content to help drive traffic that way too!
  3. Blog posts – I’ve sort of been the worst at this ever since having our daughter, but I’m determined to get better at it! I’m batch working to create a ton of content of educational info like this, past weddings we’ve done, and loads of other content, so that even when we’re away snuggling our new baby, we’ll still be driving some fresh new traffic to our site. (Hint: When you do schedule a post, you can also schedule the content to go live shortly after on Pinterest via Tailwind as well!)
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Bonus: If you schedule any kind of phone calls or meetings in your business, check out Calendly! We use it as a part of our workflow in a few different areas of business and love it.

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P.S. I love Tailwind so much that I have become an affiliate for them. If you do decide to give it a go, click on the links provided. I do earn a small commission from anyone who signs up.