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5 Things you need to stop doing in your business


If you are a business owner, an entrepreneur, a creative … this is for you. Wether you’re a wedding professional, a life coach, or you run an ecommerce business, this is for you. We’ve been in business for over 10 years now, and there’s a ocean full of things we’ve learned along the way … all too many of them, the hard way.

So here are the top 5 things we wish we had put into practice earlier on in our careers … the things you need to stop doing TODAY in your business.


  1. Trying to make it perfect. The sooner you can let go of some perfectionism, the sooner you will start to see an increase in your business, productivity, and your bank account. We’re as guilty as anyone of waiting until we get things perfect to release it to the masses, but sometimes done is better than perfect. You won’t be successful if you’re always waiting, and your clients won’t be happy if they are waiting either.
  2. Working 7 days a week. We haven’t always practiced this, but we are HUGE advocates for taking time off from your business. If you are working every day of the week, you never have mental and emotional space to be rested, restored, refilled. We’ve found that the more diligent you are with taking time away from your business, the more your business benefits (well, within reason … we don’t recommend stopping work altogether.)
  3. Playing the comparison game. Nothing will kill your vibe, your creativity, and the clarity of your vision faster than comparing your work to others. It’s not worth it. Do whatever you need to do to stop the comparison game, even if it means unfriending or unfollowing people on social media. Do what’s best for you and your business, and follow your dreams as you tackle each goal.
  4. Running a one man show. The sooner you can find a few things to outsource, the better your personal life, your workflows, and your business will be. Building a community of smart, talented people to surround you will not only free up your time to do what you were created to do (and what you’re best at!), but it will also make your business better. Find others who are experts at things that you are not and it’s a win win for everyone, clients included!
  5. Doing All. The. Things. If you haven’t noticed already, we are huge fans of automation! We ran our business completely manually for the majority of a decade, and our newfound freedom (and a better oiled machine that serves our clients better!) that automation has allowed us has us giddy about it. When you find yourself doing something more than once, stop and take the time to write out the process and create a workflow for it. Find ways you can automate parts of the workflow while still giving your customers/clients the best possible experience you can. You might find, like we did, that automating some things actually allows us to have more time to treat our clients with the intention they deserve!


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