David is the lead videographer of Almond Leaf Studios. He shot his first short film in 2012 and fell in love with video instantly.  After quitting his job of 9 years and moving across the country with Elizabeth, he joined Almond Leaf Studios full time in April of 2014.


davidSome years back I fell in love with a girl that introduced me to a new world of beauty.  Elizabeth started Almond Leaf Studios and each weekend she was traveling all over the world to capture such beautiful life events and people. It didn’t take long in our relationship before I quit my job to join her full time creating films for Almond Leaf Studios. What a beautiful responsibility. People entrust us to artistically and creatively capture and tell the story of their wedding day, a day that they wish to memorialize forever.  It truly is a joy. If you choose to intrust us with your day please know that we delight in it and can’t wait to create art from it.

There is nothing better than having no where to be, an IPA in hand, and a great conversation with a friend or stranger. I live for good conversations. Oh, and music. I could listen to music all day everyday. Give me a nice summer evening as the sun is setting, with windows down, music loud, my hand out the window, and you have yourself a happy Dave. … And of course a date night with my bride. It doesn’t matter if we paint the town red or just stay in with some bibimbap (if you don’t know what this is… leave your house and find some right now) and a movie, every moment with her is beautiful. She is my love, she has my heart, and I am eternally grateful that she chose to do this crazy life with me.


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